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Welcome to the home of Cost Constructor
Soler Systems' flagship software product

Major Release Version 3 now available! Increased functionality, ability to suport pdf formats, bespoke reports feature and more

'Cost Constructor', is a simple to use and completely self contained Job Costing, Contract Management, Planned (or Reactive) Maintenance monitoring System. It is designed specifically for the Construction and Allied Trades, Structural Engineering and General Service Industries. However, its flexibility has also found considerable use in several other sectors where Cost Control, Job (or Task) Management, and Performance Reporting are required. What's more, 'Cost Constructor' does it at a fraction of the cost of the complex, and costly, modular driven Software so widely available today.

Facilities are provided to enable you to:

  • Enter details of your jobs, keep track of their current status and whether they will be completed on time and on budget

  • Maintain details of hazards found (or presumed to exist) at a property at which you are working

  • Prepare works orders or task sheets and maintain a log of visits made, quality assurance stages or milestones in the work

  • Enter details of labour, materials, expenses, costs etc, linking them to a particular job, works order and employee as appropriate

  • Enter details of invoice and credit note payments and keep a check on the outstanding balance for each job

  • Select the labour cost items to be included in wages payments

  • Automatically receive details of orders from, and send details of invoices to, other computer systems, via the transfer facilities

  • Print time sheets, invoices and various other reports detailing or summarising the costs allocated to jobs

  • View statistics from and make queries on the Cost Constructor Database

  • Maintain an address book of your Customers, Suppliers and Contacts

  • Maintain a diary of important events, such as the expected start or end of a job

  • Customise Cost Constructor to meet your own needs

Cost Constructor is available EITHER as a computer based software product package for use as a stand alone program or shared over a network OR on the Internet as a web-based system accessible only by your own staff from any office with internet access.

Want to try it? Then go to the Download page and obtain an evaluation copy of Cost Constructor or try the Internet version by clicking here. But if you're not convinced...Read on....

Here's just a couple of our recent success stories...

"The Construction Sector has been hit hard by the need to be able to monitor its costs and performance against Government driven initiatives (such as the Egan Report)... in Cost Constructor, we found a product which provides that ability to such a level that it has become a featured component of our client presentations at Tender stage. ...We are a multi-million pound business; in just Eighteen months, Cost Constructor has taken over responsibility for managing nearly 50% of our Turnover, and we are still finding opportunities to adapt it to suit other operations in our portfolio. Undoubtedly one of the best investments we've made in the development of our Enterprise" (A major Reactive Maintenance Contractor in the South-West).

"The Housing Corporation has set increasingly demanding standards for the management and accountability of Contractors working for Housing Associations. When we placed this demand on our Contractors, we found that not one of them could successfully integrate with our Housing Management software (ACADEMYİ). We undertook to find a product that could. We found Cost Constructor. Despite nearly three months of testing, it has met every demand we have made of it, without error. We expect shortly to formally adopt it as a Contractual purchase for ALL of our Contractors." (One of the largest Housing Associations in the West of England).

For more details see the Cost Constructor features page

And now we can introduce our new software package

Invoice Pad

Available at a special introductory offer of £60!

Invoice Pad is simple to use. It is designed to mimic the use of a paper invoice pad, but without the need for on-going, expensive printing charges. Invoice Pad is designed for use either on a stand-alone computer or across a network as a multi-user system.

Facilities are provided to enable you to:

  • Enter details for an invoice and keep a record of the VAT and payments made against it

  • Enter details for a credit note and link it to a particular invoice

  • Print invoices, credit notes and statements plus other reports such as payment histories and VAT reports

For more details see the Invoice Pad features page


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